These are a selection of the key terms & conditions of entry to the racecourse.

1. Entry – Entry to the racecourse is subject to the right of the Racecourse Executive to refuse to admit and/or to expel, without prior notice, any person whose behaviour is considered to be unruly or unacceptable or is a disqualified person.

2. Food & Drink – Racegoers may bring along their own picnic and soft drinks to Hamilton Park. Alcohol is strictly not permitted. Any external food that is brought into the grounds may only be consumed out with the bars and restaurants. We have ample benches located throughout Hamilton Park’s external grounds.

3. Alcohol – Racegoers are reminded not to attempt to bring their own alcohol into the grounds of Hamilton Park. If any unauthorised alcohol is found they will be required to return it to their vehicle or our stewards will dispose of it. We are unable to retain any alcohol on behalf of Racegoers for later collection.

4. Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 – The Hamilton Park Racecourse Company Ltd informs patrons that it is prohibited for anyone to consume alcohol outwith any of our licensed areas. Racegoers must at all times abide by any rules and conditions in operation, including the observance of no drinking areas for safety reasons.

5. Seating – There is a designated area for Racegoers who wish to bring their own seating into the enclosures. Stewards will advise on arrival, and will direct Racegoers to this area.

6. Prohibited Items – Racegoers are advised that it is prohibited to bring any glass bottles or glasses into any part of the Racecourse. Stewards will advise of any other items deemed unsuitable to bring into the racecourse enclosures, which should be returned to vehicles or left in a designated area at Racegoers own risk for later collection. This is to ensure compliance with the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds Act and the HSE Event Safety Guide.

7. Dress Code – There is no formal dress code in operation at Hamilton Park Racecourse, however football colours are discouraged at all times.

8. Photography – Racegoers are welcome to take photographs for personal use, but flash photography near the horses – especially in the vicinity of Parade Ring, Winners Enclosure or Winning post is not permitted.  Under no circumstances may photography be taken on the racecourse for publication or other commercial use without prior written permission of Hamilton Park Racecourse. Racegoers consent to be filmed, photographed & otherwise recorded by Hamilton Park or any third party authorised by Hamilton Park. Racegoers grant HPR and any HPR authorised third party to broadcast, publish, licence & any use of photographs, film, recordings or images of you without payment or compensation. To obtain rights to use photography for commercial purposes call 01698 283806.

9. Dogs – We regret that dogs are not permitted onto any part of the racecourse, except assistance dogs. They must be kept on a lead at all times and must not be permitted to foul anywhere on the Racecourse.To the extent where we are legally able to do so, we reserve the right, if necessary, to force entry into a car to release any animals which may be suffering.

10. Refunds – All Badges & Tickets, once sold are non-refundable, except in the event of any Abandonment. We reserve the right to amend or cancel any ancillary raceday entertainment without notice. In the event of ancillary raceday entertainment changing, customers will not be entitled to a refund.

11. Abandonment – In the event of racing being abandoned, refunds on badges and tickets purchased will be paid in the following circumstances:

In the event that racing is abandoned but ancillary entertainment such as live music goes ahead, customers will not be entitled to a refund. In addition to attendance at any such event, we reserve the right to offer complimentary admission to another raceday.

12. Abandonment Refunds – All refunds for race abandonment must be claimed within 28 days of the race meeting, with all refunds processed after the 28 day period. Ticket holders will be sent an email with details on how to obtain a refund or request a ticket transfer to an equivalent fixture date.



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