Claire Goodenough, travelling head lad at Somerville Lodge; “I know this is mad, but i love going to Hamilton.  It’s one of the furthest away, but the people are always nice up there and they look after you.”

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Owners and Trainers are guaranteed a warm welcome at Hamilton Park. With dedicated parking for all owners and trainers in the Dukes Car Park on arrival, we also provide exclusive Owners and Trainers hospitality within your own dedicated facilities for those of you with a runner on the day in an effort to make your day that little bit more special.

Each Owner and Trainer with a horse entered will receive two vouchers from the Owners and Trainers Desk which, should you declare your horse to run, entitle you to two complimentary meals in this dedicated restaurant (service ends after 4th race). Should you be planning to attend Hamilton Park with a larger party, up to 4 additional Sprinter vouchers (£25 each) may be purchased subject to availability.


Hamilton Park is pleased to offer the following entitlement of Owners’ Badges for the following registered owners:
Single Ownership – 4 Complimentary Admission Badges
Joint/Syndicate Ownership – 6 Complimentary Admission Badges.

Owners’ badges are strictly non-transferable unless the owner himself has contacted the racecourse in advance and nominated his representatives for his owners badge allocation.  For avoidance of doubt there is no “stable entitlement” if a particular Owner is unable to attend.

Additional badges may be purchased at 50% of the advertised admission price for the fixture, with a limit of 10 admission badges in total (complimentary or paid) per horse.

A Trainer/Trainer’s Representative is admitted with his/her metal badge and may also request one additional guest admission badge.

A Jockey is admitted with his/her metal badge and may also request one additional guest admission badge.

On duty BHA Officials may request one complimentary badge for a guest from the Dukes Entrance.  Officials’ guests do not have access to Sprinters.